In order to make it attractive, most residential complexes, cities today are incorporating several innovative features in their projects from Golf courses; shopping facilities etc there are every conceivable luxuries and comforts that are offered as a package to attract the customer. Yet somehow the second most important facility that is widely sought after is missing – “THE LAUNDRY”.  

In today’s world people are having so much to do in so little time. People wanted to delegate most of their work provided the quality & rates are reasonable.  

Most apartment clusters are located at far off isolated places where the Dhobi community it self are no more available and getting maids also is becoming quite difficult. 

The answer to all this is to set up an In-House Laundromat. 

Apart from saving considerable amount of water, such services have several welcome benefits that are going to be appreciated. Few of them are

1.    Hygienic Processing

2.    Increased Linen Life

3.    Prompt Service

4.    Reasonable rates

5.    No color fading of the linen

6.    Less operating cost 

In fact the Laundry services can run independently as a separate profit center that can generate quite a lot of revenue, it is possible to repay the initial establishment cost with in a couple of years.  

We will be delighted to answer all your queries regarding to the process. We can offer total project consultancy, machineries, turn Key installation and training for the staff as well as the management team – with in your budget!